How to Make Remarkable Websites for Consulting Clients

By on January 16, 2018

Wondering how to make your website a remarkable one for your consulting clients?

Think back to the last time you searched for a company online… If it somehow made you realize that the website was outdated, difficult to navigate, having an all-around aesthetic nightmare, then there’s a problem.

No one wants to spend time on a dull website.

A great website design can be one of the most beneficial investments a brand can make. Remember, your website is the digital storefront of your business.

Wanna know what composes a good website?

Today, we will talk about some points to consider in making your website remarkable for consulting clients.


Steps in Making A Website for Consulting Clients

Your website’s appearance can have a huge impact in attracting potential consulting clients. Basically, clients get their first thought of your brand on how your website looks.

And if that first impression isn’t a good one, they probably aren’t going to stick around to learn more.

Making a statement about who you’re as a company is among the most important things you need to do. Today, we will learn some of the steps in making a remarkable website for consulting clients.


Be Unique

There is plenty of competition out there no matter what industry you’re in.This means that your website have to stand out from the crowd.

Being different is being unique. The most common mistake website owners make is not daring to look different.

Unique websites can attract potential customers. Which are more likely to follow through and buy your products. A unique website is a good way to ensure that you appeal to them.

It’s not bad to dare to look different. But with competitors around, it’s best to make your website look different too.

Build your own website uniquely because it can help in attracting consulting clients.


Keep it Clean

Aside from creating a unique website, it’s also a must to keep it clean.

The way to attract potential clients is through a clean and neat website. If your website looks cluttered and busy your visitor might lose interest to invest.

Also, keeping a clean web design has the advantage of being simple and functional.

A tip, make sure you don’t occupy every space on the monitor. Being clean sometimes means being organized. A clean web design makes satisfied customers.

Simple and Easy

Now that your website is unique and clean. Next thing to do is to make it easy for visitors to find what they’re looking for on your website.

Don’t have every single page listed in the menu. You can highlight only the important pages. Links can also be added at the bottom of your website.

Less is more. You should avoid at all costs a cluttered design, with elements that you don’t necessarily need on the page.

Choice of Font

It may not seem obvious, but your choice of font can actually influence how consulting clients feel about your brand.

Your website needs to look cohesive and uniform. Achieve consistency by avoiding using too many different fonts. Opt for simplicity and legibility than using flowery fonts. But make sure that your chosen fonts won’t make your website look boring.You can choose two or three fonts that are easy to read. Keep the consistency from those two fonts.


Quick Loading

A good quick load of a website is a 3-second load. You have those seconds to impress your visitors. If it takes for your website to load 10 seconds visitors might end up losing their interest to check your website.

What you need to do is to be certain that you optimize your banner images, videos, java files, and CSS files. The unoptimized file makes your website load slowly.

Though, if your website still loads slowly, you may have to check at changing your website’s theme.

Color Palette

Pay attention to the tone of colors you’re using. Your color scheme can affect how consulting clients interpret your website. Poor use of color may send your visitors away.Using too many colors in harsh hues and contrasts can make your visitors turn away from your site. Don’t make your color palette more complicated than it needs to be.

Keep it neutral. Don’t be afraid of white space. Remember, the fewer colors, the better.

You can limit your color palette to 2 or 3 colors. Headlines or graphics you want to stand out can use a different splash of color. Make sure your chosen colors complement your website’s look.

Keep Forms Simple

Most consulting clients check on your forms if these are easy or complicated to do. Keeping forms simple can also keep your clients stay with you.

Make sure your form fields to a minimum and make it simple for prospects to use. If you use captcha, make sure they are viewable by the end user.

Better to have forms consists of:

  • First name,
  • Last name, and
  • Email fields.  

Think clean, simple and minimal when making your forms.

The Rule of 3 Clicks

Reduce the bars to make purchases on your website.  That means reducing the number of clicks needed to make a purchase. A rule of 3 clicks to make a purchase can be very effective. This makes purchasing convenient and easy.

Pick Up The Phone

Let your consulting clients know that if not through email nor through social media channels, they can contact you through your mobile phone.

Make sure your phone number is easy to find on your website. Display contact numbers that are active and reachable.

The next thing a potential consulting client have in mind is to call you. Make sure you provide your personal or active contact number on your website.The idea that people can easily reach you can make a huge effect to your business.

Final Thoughts on Steps in Making A Website for Consulting Clients

Today we talked about some tips in making a remarkable website design to help ensure your consulting clients have a good customer experience. Remember, your website is an important part of your company’s success.

Remember to provide visitors a user-friendly navigation experience. Your website is the portal through which they can discover your company and ultimately your brand. You’ll know your web design is effective when customers starts to lure and interact with it.

If you’re ready to do a revamp on your website, let us do some help to you. Feel free to contact Mike Marko of IM Consultant Services and and talk about the various web development and designs we offer.